Hosting a public workshop

Most public workshops delivered by Nick Desbarats are hosted by an educational institution or consultancy based in the city in which the public workshop takes place. The host organization benefits by increasing its profile and goodwill with clients, prospects, partners, prospective employees and the local data visualization community, and it may generate a modest profit from hosting a public workshop, although this should not be the primary goal.

If your organization would like to host a public workshop in your city, contact us for more information. Hosting a public workshop is a significant commitment, however, and organizations must consider this investment of time and resources carefully before deciding to proceed. Host organizations responsibilities include:

  • Finding and renting a training venue that meets a specific set of requirements
  • Arranging catering, audio-visual equipment rental, etc.
  • Marketing the workshop locally
  • Registering participants and collecting registration fees
  • Recruiting at least 30 participants for at least three workshop days
  • Paying Nick's training fee and travel expenses